Si la comida es un viaje, la carta es el mapa (A.G.).

Patience is recommended

“El yantar de estas mesas así, en que se prueba amor ajeno en vez del propio amor” César Vallejo


"La Sagra" lentils

With sof curry and Mediterranean prawns.

27,00 €

Foie mi-cuit

-Slightly smoked-, on brioche, with classic chutney served with Sauterne's wine.

37,00 €

Snails “a la llauna”

A homage to Pla, with Pyrenean herbs -romaní, farigola, ajedrea- and a soft capers alioli (with baked garlic in case there is a hurry for kissing).

33,00 €

Fried free-range chicken eggs pan

With mushroom mousse and black truffle.

35,00 €

Soup of scallops and mussels

Á la saffron, with Sardinian fregola and fennel bulbs.

27,00 €

Mellow rice

With espàrdeñas (sea cucumber), roasted butifarra and wild mushrooms.

37,00 €


Sauté squid from Huelva

With red curry, tirabeques, baked sweet potato and Thai rice with raisins and pistachios.

33,00 €

Galician hake -loins-

With green sauce, Albariño wine sauce and wild mushrooms.

35,00 €

Confit of codfish

Over a chipotle vizcaína sauce -barely spicy-, with green asparagus and tender corn pudding.

35,00 €


Deer loins

From the Hills of Toledo, grilled, with mole poblano, chestnuts and roasted quince.

33,00 €

Sauted Iberian pork “Pluma”

With meadow herbs and parmentier with black truffles.

35,00 €

Las Landas squab

-Its breast briefly baked, its thighs and wings confit-, with mushrooms (Boletus edulis) on the pan

37,00 €

Beef tenderloin,

Moderately aged, grilled and served with herbs pesto, Meiterranean anchovies and Balearic “tumbet”

35,00 €

Beef “Callos”

(Stomach, hands, nose and tongue).

30,00 €

Baked baby lamb upper-shoulder

With saffron couscous, cactus leaves pisto and black plums.

37,00 €


Coconut and goat milk custard

(Made with only three eggs per liter), served with baked pineapple al tequila and rhubarb sauce.

13,00 €

Our variety of sorbets and ice creams

A bit tipsy if you´d like.

13,00 €

Arzúa cheesecake

With Cream Caramel with red berries sauce.

13,00 €

Tarta “Sacher” my way

(Sissi would not speak to me) and the right sorbet.

13,00 €

Apochryphal Tiramisú

Al Pedro Ximénez (A Venetian cardinal would excomulgate us; a Jerez winnery foreman, too)

13,00 €

10% VAT included.