If the food is a journey, the menu is the map (Abraham García)

Patience is recommended

“The eating of these tables like this, in which you taste other people's love instead of your own love” César Vallejo

Iberian ham croquettes

With Cantabrian goat milk. (If you eat a few, warned my mother to protect them, they will stop the hiccups; if you eat too many, you’ll get them)

27,00 €

Garlic soup

With espardeñas (“sea cucumber”) and Iberian ham.

33,00 €

La Sagra Lentils

Mild curry with Mediterranean prawns.

27,00 €

Foie mi-cuit

-Slightly smoked- on brioche, with classic chutney , served with Sauternes wine.

45,00 €

Snails "a la llauna"

In homage to Pla, with Pyrenean herbs - romaní, farigola, savory - and a soft caper alioli (with roasted garlic in case you need to kiss)

37,00 €

Fried free-range chicken eggs pan

From free-range hens - supervised -, with mushroom sauce and black truffle.

37,00 €

Plus the always suggestive salads, which Abraham will tell you in a loud voice (while we prepare the subtitles).

What we know is a drop of water; what we ignore is the Ocean (Isaac Newton).

Atlantic scallops and grilled carabineros tails

With chipotle vizcaina (smoked and slightly spicy), ras-al-hanout roasted pumpkin and green asparagus.

45,00 €

Northern pan-cooked squid,

with its own ink and green “Thai” rice (the one that is made grinding parsley)

37,00 €

Hake in tempura with saffron

With baked sweet potato, cactus alboronía (between Cordoba and Jalisco) and yuzu mousse

40,00 €

And other fish of the day, just as expensive, which we will tell you about.

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on the dinner menu. Liberty is an armed lamb presenting a motion (Benjamin Franklin).

Sautéed suckling lamb peppermint style

with black prunes, sundried tomatoes from the Albufera, dried peaches and saffron couscous

37,00 €

Grilled beef loin

Moderately aged, with Cantabrian anchovies,“revolconas” potatoes (with paprika, pureed, slightly spicy) “piquillo” peppers and snowpeas

40,00 €

Las Landas guinea fowl

(Raised "en plein air") braised in red wine with winter mushrooms and steamed white rice with walnuts

37,00 €

Venison loins from Toledo’s Mountains

With mole poblano, chestnuts and grilled quince.

40,00 €

The fickle weather vane of the market offers us its news every day, which we will sing to you out loud since, being so ephemeral, they do not allow themselves to be imprisoned in writing.

(If you have a scale, don't go any further than this)

There is no metaphysics like chocolate (Fernando Pessoa).

Apocryphal "Tiramisu" of fresh pistachio nuts with bitter chocolate

15,00 €

Our variety of sorbets and ice creams

A bit tipsy if you´d like

15,00 €

Arzúa cheesecake

And dulce de leche, with yellow cherries and red berry sauce (what berries? Who knows).

15,00 €

Tarta “Sacher” my way

(Sissi would not speak to me) and the right sorbet

15,00 €

Tocinillo made in heaven with orange blossom

With rhubarb sauce and tequila roasted pineapple.

15,00 €

“Viva la Pepa”

A heroic cheese from Cádiz ("Andazul", made from payoya milk) confronts two French cheeses ("L'encalat" from Occitan sheep, and "Comté" from cows, thirty-six months between udder and plate), and the wine ("Cruz Vieja", oloroso en rama) reaches the river.

30,00 €

10% VAT included.