Si la comida es un viaje, la carta es el mapa (A.G.).

Patience is recommended

“El yantar de estas mesas así, en que se prueba amor ajeno en vez del propio amor” César Vallejo


Monk fish soup

With saffron and winter mushrooms.

27,00 €

Duck foie

Slightly smoked, brioche, classic chutney and Sauterne's wine.

33,00 €

Lentil stew from "La Sagra"

With curry and red shrimp from Levante.

25,00 €

Red beans stew

Cajun style A little spicy served together with smoked cured meat, rice, shrimp and ocra (gumbo).

25,00 €

Blood sausage pudding

Over roasted quince. With Arzúa cheese, pinenuts anc chipotle chili sauce, green tomatoes sauce an a fried egg. In honor of my always inspired and baroque colleague Dabiz Muñoz.

25,00 €

Snails llauna style

With Pyrenees herbs and capers alioli.

27,00 €

Egg skillet

Of free-range hens (guarded). With porcini mushrooms mousse and fresh black truffle.

30,00 €

Fresh pasta raviolis

Stuffed with gorgonzola and pears over roe deer bolognese.

25,00 €


Grilled sea bass with potatoes

With potatoes, mangetouts, green asparagus and huancaína sauce.

27,00 €

Grilled squid from Huelva

With red curry, green curry and longan.

27,00 €

Grilled scallops

With pork belly, smoked vizcaína chili sauce, roasted nopales and sweet potatoes.

30,00 €

Codfish "callos" (traditional stew with codfish tripes)

With smoked chili and coriander rice.

30,00 €


Traditional cow stew "Callos" from Madrid

In addition to stomach, nose and hand, include tongue.

27,00 €

Wild boar meatballs

With wild mushrooms and orecchiete pasta.

30,00 €

Grilled cow loin

With Mediterranean anchovies and vegetable balearic "tumbet".

35,00 €

Squab from Bresse

(roasted breast and confit wings and thighs) with roasted quince, butter chestnuts and mole poblano sauce.

35,00 €

Landes guinea fowl thigh

Armagnac stew, with green rice, peach dried apricots and black plums.

30,00 €

Deer loin

Grilled in its own juice, roasted quince and corn pudding.

30,00 €

Cow sirloin

With Bourbon as spicy as you like it.

33,00 €


Cream caramel with coconut and goat milk

With guava marmalade and roasted pineapple, infused with tequila.

10,00 €

House made sorbet

With rum, tequila or Armagnac choice, as Abraham likes them.

10,00 €

Arzúa cheesecake

With greek yogurt and cane honey from Malaga.

11,00 €

Cream caramel made in heaven

With orange blossom and passion fruit & mango sauce.

11,00 €

Creamy tiramisu cream with Pedro Ximenez wine

Abraham's style.

11,00 €

Five artisan cheeses

With palo cortado wine.

27,00 €

10% VAT included.