If the food is a journey, the menu is the map (Abraham García)

Patience is recommended

“El yantar de estas mesas así, en que se prueba amor ajeno en vez del propio amor” César Vallejo


Gazpacho Abraham's way

Gazpacho Abraham’s way, with ripe tomatoes and crispy bread from Sardinia

27,00 €

The much imitated gazpacho de fresones (large strawberries)

With marinated herring from the Baltic Sea.

27,00 €

"La Sagra" lentils

With soft curry and Mediterranean prawns.

27,00 €

Foie mi-cuit

-Slightly smoked - on vanilla brioche, with classic chutney, served with Sauternes wine.

40,00 €

Snails "a llauna"

A homage to Pla, with Pyrenean herbs -romaní, farigola, ajedrea- and a soft capers alioli (with baked garlic in case there is a hurry for kissing).

37,00 €

Fried free-range chicken eggs pan

With mushroom mousse and black truffle

37,00 €

Soup of Atlantic scallops

shrimp from the Marisma (salt marsh) and fennel bulbs, with saffron.

30,00 €

Iberian ham and codfish croquettes

Iberian ham and codfish croquettes. The former with Cantabrian goat milk and the latter with sheep’s milk from Navarra. (if you eat a few, warned my mother to protect them, they will stop the hickups; if you eat too many, you’ll get them)

27,00 €


Mackerel "cachopo" (stuffed fish filet)

From Cádiz, with sheep’s “Andazul” cheese and the best Iberian ham, escorted by tomato “salmorejo” and basil pipirrana

35,00 €

Sautéd squid from Huelva

With red curry, cactus leaf,and sweet potato and thai rice with raisins and pistachios.

37,00 €

Cantabrian hake -loins- grilled

With white steamed asparagus and yuzu mousse.

37,00 €

Pan-stired red tuna,

With green “mojo” sauce, wrinkled Tenerife potatoes and a dollop of Gofio (Canarian flour made with roasted grains)

37,00 €

And other fish of the day, just as expensive, which we will tell you about.


Baby lamb meatballs

With coriander, alboronía (a mix of veggies) and shepperds “migas” (breadcrumbs), made with olive oil and cold-cuts “ayunas”

37,00 €

Las Landas squab

-Its breast briefly baked, its thighs and wings confit-, with mushrooms (Boletus edulis) on the pan.

40,00 €

Black Angus loin sautéed

With cajun spices (barely spicy) and served with New World roots: malanga, yuca, camote and a refreshing pico de gallo

40,00 €

Thighs of Guinea fowl from Las Landas

In southern France, (raised “en plain air”), sliced in asymetrical cubes that, golden in the pan, we serve with black prunes, dried apricots and the right Thai rice.

37,00 €


Coconut and goat milk custard

(made with only three eggs per liter), served with baked pineapple al tequila and rhubarb sauce

15,00 €

Our variety of sorbets and ice creams

A bit tipsy if you´d like

15,00 €

Arzúa cheesecake

With cream caramel and red berries sauce.

15,00 €

Tarta “Sacher” my way

(Sissi would not speak to me) and the right sorbet

15,00 €

Apochryphal Tiramisú

With Pedro Ximénez wine (A Venetian cardinal would excomulgate us; a Jerez winnery foreman, too)

15,00 €

10% VAT included.