Tasting menu Abraham

The best menu awaits you in the last one. Come in, drink, eat, enjoy, there is room at the back.

“After a great meal you can forgive anyone, even your relatives” (Oscar Wilde).

Iberian ham croquettes made with goat’s milk.

Sagreña lentils in a mild curry with Mediterranean prawns.

Marinated Baltic herring, served with avocado, mango, yogurt and dill, accompanied by Swedish vodka.

Free-range chicken egg (supervised) with mushroom mousse and black truffle.

Grilled Atlantic scallops and carabinero tails with chipotle biscayne (smoked and barely spicy), baked sweet potato and Thai rice.

Landes guinea fowl sautéed with dried peach, rambutan, black plums and honey potatoes.

Abrahamn’s sorbets (a little slushy if you like).

“Tiramisu” of fresh pistachios with dark chocolate.


“Agitanao” (Abraham’s vermouth), manzanilla, beer, cava… in the aperitif, and the most suitable wines to accompany such disparate dishes: Lusco, albariño, 2022 | Valenciso, Rioja, 2017 | Duchess Romate, PX.

Price: €125 per guest, VAT included.

Menu served exclusively for full tables.