Tasting menu Abraham


Abraham’s gazpacho with crunchy Sardinian bread.

Lentils from La Sagra in mild curry with Levantine red prawns.

Steamed white asparagus from Navarra, with marinated fjord salmon and pistachio mousseline.

Free range chicken egg (guarded) with mushroom sauce and fresh truffle.

Northern monkfish loin (cold) with yuzu mousseline and pico de gallo from Rulfo’s landscape.

Pan-fried breast of guinea fowl from Landes (raised “en plein air”) with rambutan, mango, black plums and cilantro thai rice.

Goat and coconut milk (made with only three eggs per liter; quivering like real tits), served with tequila-roasted pineapple and strawberry rhubarb sauce…

“Sacher” cake my way (Sissy would take the word back) and the perfect sorbet.


Egg skillet | Restaurante Viridiana
Flan de leche de cabra y coco | Restaurante Viridiana


“Agitanao” (Abraham’s lusty vermouth), manzanilla, beer, cava…

«Finca Calvestra», Bodegas Mustiguillo, (merseguera). Utiel – Requena, 2020

«El Palomar de la Reina» – excelsa obra de Moneo – Bodegas La Mejorada (sirah), Vinos de la Tierra de Castilla y León, 2018.

«Tintilla de Rota», González-Byass, Cádiz.

“Gilbert Miclo” Eau de Vie Houx (aguardiente de acebo)

Price: 130 € per person, VAT included.

INFORMATIVE NOTE: Exclusive menus for full table that we will serve on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, at lunch and dinner, unless such days coincide with holidays or their eves (their laborious execution forces us to these precautions). Please excuse us.