Why choose Viridiana?

Reasons to visit our restaurant

Because Viridiana’s cuisine offers surprising, original and tasty dishes, without the need for fireworks. Viridiana is the place where flavor dwells.

Because the genius of Viridiana’s kitchen has inspired and continues to inspire some of the best Spanish chefs. Dabiz Muñoz (currently the best chef in the world), says: “There is no place in Madrid where everything is so tasty”. And the prestigious Patricia Wells, a cook before she was a critic, wrote for the Herald Tribune: “Eating at Viridiana is like riding a roller coaster and not being able to stop”.

Because Viridiana, true to a tasty aphorism of Abraham García, its chef (“if the food is a journey, the menu is the map”), was the pioneer restaurant of fusion cuisine in Spain. At the dawn of the eighties, it already offered a garland of exotic and unknown ingredients, today essential.

Because Viridiana, forty years later, has known how to mature and reflect, and continues to create new dishes in which the world’s pantry overflows.

Because Viridiana offers iconic dishes, such as “Eggs with boletus mousse and fresh truffle”, “Lentils with mild curry and red prawns” or “Cream caramel made in heaven with orange blossom”, which must be tasted at least once in a lifetime.

Because Viridiana is a restaurant with a unique personality that combines cuisine, literature, cinema, art… seasoned with loads of irony.

Because eating at Viridiana is a pleasure for the eyes, the nose and the palate. A unique and unforgettable experience in which each dish tells a story. And what a story!

In short, Viridiana, one of the best restaurants in Madrid and Spain, is a must.